"it pays for itself"

The J L Haysaver feeder is a well-built feeder designed to minimize waste in round bale feeding. These feeders are built to last with a heavy, 7 gauge steel ring around the bottom and schedule-40 or stronger pipe. There are many options to choose from to fit the size of your animals and the type of hay you are feeding.

The Department of Dairy and Animal Science at Penn State has conducted a research trial of these feeders and has determined that they will pay for themselves in hay savings.

If you are interested in "hay savings", we have dealers in many of the eastern United States. Please call 1-844-887-8677 for the dealer nearest you.

*8' Standard Haysaver
*8' 1/2 Bar Haysaver
*8' Removable Bar
*8' No Floor, No Skid
*8' No Floor, w/Skids
*8'Low Profile
*7' Haysaver
*Horse Haysaver
*Calf Haysaver
*Super FLSK Haysaver
*Super NFNSK Haysaver
*RTB Haysaver
*Custom Designed
*Bale Rings
*Haysaver Tops Only


*Dry 5'Round Bales Only
*High Moisture Round Bales
*Both Dry&High Moisture
*On a Concrete Pad
*Short Legged Animals
*Young Heifers or Steers
*Horse Haysaver
*Calves and Sheep
*Large Square Bales
*On Concrete
*Lg. Squares for Horses
*In a Muddy Feed Lot
*Bale Rings
*Long-Horned Cattle
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